eDocument Services

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Each page of your documents are stamped with an Unique CaseMail Document ID.

The CaseMail ID is then stamped on your Certificates of Mailing and USPS Return Receipts.

Proving not only when your documents were mailed and delivered, but also verifies the documents that were mailed.

Top Rated eSignature Providers

CaseMail enables you to SEND, TRACK and VERIFY electronic documents from top eSignature vendors Adobe Sign and eSignLive.

e-Signature Certificates of Authentication

CaseMail provides e-Signature Certificates of Authentication that can easily be download and printed directly from your computer. Certificates include copies of Signed Documents, Name of e-Signature Provider, Date and Time of Signing, Sender and Recipients’ IP Addresses.

Auto-generated expense and proof of work logs

CaseMail records all documents and mailing events on the CaseMail Blockchain.
Easily track, manage and provide verifiable audit reports for mailed documents.