Risk management

Not sure if an electronically signed document, email or certified letter with signature is the appropriate Proof of Service? With CaseMail you can send, track and securely manage all proof of mailings, Proof of Services, and Proof of Deliveries from one App.

Document Delivery Manager

CaseMail provides multiple delivery options including, email, web delivery, Integration of digitally signed documents,Certified Mail, First Class and Overnight Express Mail.

All processes can be combined into one deliverable document.

CaseMail Provides Real-Time postal mail tracking as well as confirmed delivery and  failed delivery alerts .

Proof of Mailings

CaseMail provides real-time tracking and records all postal mailings events. Copies of mailings  can be accessed by authorized third parties through a secure client portal.

Online expense reports can be created directly in CaseMail or integrated with third-party accounting systems.

Proof of Delivery

CaseMail users no longer need to sort their return mail looking for proof of delivery green cards that need to be scanned and filed. When using the CaseMail App to send Certified Mail all electronic return receipts with signatures are digitized and attached to the mailed documents then archived in the users’ online folders.

Organizations are responsible for maintaining mail compliance whether mail is prepared in-house or outsourced to a mailing provider.

CaseMail helps to provide mail compliance by providing:

  • Proper tracking and visibility into in the mail stream
  • Quality assurance, documented standards and consistency
  • Postage and shipping expenses are accurately tracked and recorded

For any organization getting serious about mail compliance – and avoiding stiff penalties – CaseMail can help provide the tracking and reporting tools to help achieve compliance.

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