02 May 2017

eSignLive & CaseMail Integration Completed!

Together, eSignLive e-signatures and CaseMail provide a unified legal communication platform that promotes compliance and enables legal professionals to close business faster

OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL – May 2, 2017 – VASCO Data Security International, Inc., a global leader in digital solutions including identity, security and business productivity, today announced that CaseMail, a leading cloud-based platform for the legal community, has integrated eSignLive™ e-signatures into its On-Demand Digital Postal Service, increasing compliance, mitigating risk and adding efficiencies with a completely digital process.

The addition of eSignLive to CaseMail’s On-Demand Digital Postal Service creates a unified legal communications platform by providing a single solution for sending, tracking, e-signing and verifying delivery of legal notices in compliance with correspondence procedure laws. Both eSignLive’s static audit trail and patented visual audit trail of the step-by-step signing process as seen and experienced by signers, add a level of transparency and auditability to maximize compliance and minimize risk for CaseMail customers.

Joint customer Bert Whitehead, president of Access Legal Care, PLLC, stated, “Risk management is crucial for lawyers, especially when it comes to process compliance and the defensibility of our communications. We evaluated other e-signature providers but were never confident enough to use them in our practice. We were very pleased to learn that CaseMail integrated eSignLive into its e-signature management system because eSignLive meets the security and compliance standards we expect from CaseMail.”

CaseMail selected eSignLive for its advanced security features, including tamper-evident controls that invalidate e-signed documents if changes are made, as well as its comprehensive audit trail. As the only e-signature solution available on a FedRAMP compliant cloud and with SOC 2 compliance, integrating eSignLive ensures CaseMail is able to help secure its customer data at all times. CaseMail’s international clients also benefit from regional and global data centers for any in-country data residency requirements.

“A missed step, document or signature can prolong an already lengthy and arduous process,” said CaseMail Chief Executive Officer, Joe Ruiz. “Integrating eSignLive into our platform adds incredible value for CaseMail users because the immediacy that comes with e-signatures not only helps improve document and correspondence management but also reduces costs and risk.”

In combination, CaseMail and eSignLive also help legal professionals close business faster by reducing the time it takes to return signed documents, including contracts, retainers and non-disclosure agreements.

“Law firms are under the same pressure as commercial businesses to deliver efficiencies and meet client expectations for a modern service experience,” said VASCO President and Chief Operating Officer, Scott Clements. “A well-designed e-signature and e-delivery process supported by the appropriate technology, like CaseMail and eSignLive, delivers the streamlined approach clients are looking for while mitigating risk and strengthening a firm’s compliance.”

To learn how e-signatures help reduce legal and compliance risk visit www.silanis.com/resource-center/why-esign-is-not-enough-to-keep-you-out-of-court.

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