01 May 2018

Google Accelerates CaseMail Pass 1M+

VerTrius Corp, a company specializing in next-generation communications, e-commerce, and blockchain technology;and recent invitee to Google’s Brand Accelerator program, announced initial results for the Google managed campaigns have far exceeded benchmarks set by Google.
Including surpassing 1 million viewers for CaseMail’s TruView video ads. TruView are those ads appearing on YouTube videos with the option to skip the ad after 4 seconds.

Less than a month after CaseMail’s TruView campaign launch, the 12-industry targeted video ads quickly broke over 1.1 million click through viewers (CTV), smashing the 90-day forecast of 400k CTV. More impressive is the average interaction rate used to measure the overall effectives of video ads. Google’s benchmark of 17% was surpassed handily: across the group of TruView ads, the average interaction rate was between 36.52% and as high as 67%. This resulted in 4 times lower CPM costs than forecasted.

Those numbers are great but even better are the numbers from the recently launched Gmail campaigns with click rates ranging as high as 79%-90%!

So what does all this mean? The Google Brand Accelerator Program hand-selects startups with great growth potential. The primary objective of the program is to create brand awareness and test various ad campaigns to find the best performing metrics. Using this performance data, they can map out the best long-term ROI strategy for continuing the CaseMail brand development.

“It’s common for start-up companies trying to scale their brand to burn cash quickly by implementing a spray and pray advertising plan. This can make or break a startup,” said VerTrius CEO and founder Joe Ruiz. “Working with Google’s own digital marketing experts has been a tremendous asset not only in helping us exceed our initial goals, but to do it in a responsible and sustainable way. We’re excited the CaseMail messaging is resonating, and we look forward to continuing the success.”

“These exceptional numbers are a result of not only a great service, but the amount of pre-planning and ad content creation put in by the CaseMail team,” said Google New Business Partner Manager Kathleen Nelson, the Googler in charge of the CaseMail brand awareness campaign. “They know each audience targeted and the specific pain points to address in their ad creatives. The data gained from this phase gives us a great head start.”


CaseMail is a leading cloud based unified communications platform for legal correspondence management and is used by more legal professionals and businesses around the world. CaseMail enables small and enterprise size companies to send, track, and verify all their electronic and postal communications as well as eSigned documents from a single application. CaseMail’s distributed ledger technology and digital certificates of authenticity provide permanent verifiable records of correspondence, document, and esignature authenticity.

VerTrius is a SaaS developer of next generation communications, commerce, and blockchain technology. Founders and lead architects include well-seasoned IT, security, marketing, and business executives from Silicon Valley and Washington D.C. CaseMail is VerTrius’ flagship Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform.