01 May 2017

USPS Provides Digital Mail Preview

USPS has expanded the roll out of their new service, Informed Delivery. This service is a free program allowing users to register an email address. This enables our users to get daily electronic updates regarding their postal mail. Users who sign up for the program will receive an email each morning with an actual size, black and white image of the front of the letter and cards to be delivered to their mailbox that day.

“CaseMail already provides digital proofs of mailing when our users send Postal mail using our service. However, we are very excited about Informed Delivery by USPS, as this provides recipients of these mailings, another level of verification.” -CaseMail CEO, Joe Ruiz.

Joe went on to explain what CaseMail users can expect. ““We plan to provide our users the ability to incorporate Informed Delivery by USPS with their CaseMail account as part of their correspondence management tools.”

Initial Roll Out
Informed Delivery is for residential mail customers and you must sign up at InformedDelivery.USPS.com. It is not currently available for mail delivered to P.O. boxes.

The service has been available in Northern Virginia since 2014. The pilot program was later expanded to parts of California, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Bob Dixon, the Executive Program Director for Informed Delivery, declared the feedback to be “tremendously positive.” Prompting the national roll out in mid-April. A USPS survey found that 9 out of 10 people who signed up for the service, checked their Informed Delivery notifications daily.

USPS’s Digital Services

Informed Delivery Service is a step towards integrating postal and electronic communications by USPS . Allowing it to reach the growing number of Americans who have already shifted to digital communication.